Introducing Convais


Convais®   lets you control the delivery of approved digital content to mobile devices and PCs.

Built specifically for the compliance and data security needs of the pharmaceutical industry, Convais®  is used by thousands of commercial and medical field representatives worldwide.

Convais® is secure,
fast and selective

You can be confident that the latest validated content reaches only those who are approved to receive it, thereby reducing the risk of non-compliance.

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Your content
to your team

Convais®   enables you to easily manage content for your field teams’ iPads and PCs. It supports a wide range of standard asset types, including PowerPoint, PDF, MP4 and HTML5.
  • Deliver PowerPoint, PDF, HTML5, video and e-learning content to your teams
  • Permit your team members to access only content approved for their use
  • Your content all in one place, always up to date and available offline
  • Secure, fast delivery by encrypted worldwide content distribution Networks
  • Intuitive bookcase-style interface ensures rapid access to your content
  • Monitor your teams’ activity for compliance and content optimization

Fast setup
Immediate access

Convais®   can be branded, customized and deployed within 1 month of project sign-off. The steps involved include development of specifications, application of branding, setup, training for CMS administrators and rollout to users.

We are ready when you are.
Case Studies

    To support a broad portfolio in a rapidly evolving therapeutic area, one of our global pharmaceutical industry clients had an urgent need to establish a mechanism to provide field-based teams with easy access to approved materials relating to pipeline products.

    Our client required a new platform to enable delivery of digital assets to their global pharmaceutical sales teams. Although e-detail aids were already deployed to representatives’ iPads, it was necessary to supplement this with additional market-approved materials.

    Our client needed a secure platform to provide UK-based field representatives, recently equipped with iPads, with rapid access to the latest sales promotion and training materials. The sales teams work within a complex matrix structure comprising different categories.

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Convais®   was created by AMICULUM Digital, a specialist agency within AMICULUM. AMICULUM is an independent, privately owned cluster of healthcare agencies that deliver value-added services and consultancy to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies worldwide.

AMICULUM Digital works exclusively on healthcare assignments and has a thorough understanding of the special environment in which the global pharmaceutical industry operates.